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This site pairs my love for web design and my love for Moroccan culture. I am not engaged in import/export with Morocco. I have found it difficult to scale Moroccan handicrafts into a successful business venture, but I do love them. Also, I am interested in Moroccan architecture, but do not have any architectural plans or contacts. If you are a Moroccan architect, you may find leads on this site as I do get those types of inquiries frequently.

I first went to Morocco in 1996 with my ex-husband, who is originally from Rabat. I have returned many times, bringing home suitcases of imports with me each time I do. Over the years I have collected artisan products from all over Morocco, which I proudly display at my home in the Washington, DC area.

All design is a reflection of culture. This website is a celebration of Moroccan culture and design. My goal is to promote cultural understanding and encourage dialog. I am particularly interested in conservation efforts related to Moroccan art and artistic traditions.

You can support this site by visiting a sponsored link, making a purchase from the Moroccan Design a-store on Amazon.com, or offering a business partnership or sponsorship. Thanks!

Comments? Questions? Web or writing work opportunities? Sponsors or potential partnerships? You can e-mail me at sarah at moroccandesign.com.

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