Ceramics Factory in Fes

By Sarah


And God fashioned man out of clay, like pottery…

I had a chance to observe artisans creating pottery and mosaics at a ceramics factory in Fes. You can see products and request estimates through the factory’s website at www.artnaji.net. The site also has information on the production process. If you click on the photo above, you can view my flickr photostream, which has more photos of the factory.

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  1. Gene Says:

    Zellige making is considered an art in itself. The art is transmitted from generation to generation by maâlems (master craftsmen).

    -wikipedia “Zelige”

    Is there any female artisan in morroco? and what do they called there?

  2. MoroccanDesign.com Says:

    That is a really interesting question. I don’t think there are any female zillige artists. Artisans in Morocco generally inherit their trade. Boys apprentice with men. Women stay in the realm of women. Female career paths I know of include henna artistry, hammam (bath) attendants (this is an art in itself in Morocco), and embroidery. Many of the textile trades are male dominated. I know there is a modern effort to improve work opportunities for women in Morocco through artisan cooperatives, such as http://boutonsdecerises.wordpress.com/, but historically, this hasn’t been a social objective.

  3. martelletto gaetano Says:

    bonjour, je vous avez expedit atravers ma banque le sald de la chiffre (l’argent) pour completer le total pour avoir la table,achetée le 3 fevrier 2010. Si sera possible je vous mande avec le scanner la recue de la banque
    A toute l’heure.
    Martelletto Gaetano

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