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fantasia 063

On our way to a friend’s house in Ain Atiq, we happened upon a fantasia. It was a competitive tournament, not a regular tourist attraction, so I felt lucky that we were able to witness it.

fantasia 092

The horses were beautiful. I love the tassle under this one’s chin.

fantasia 034

The gun shots were loud and frightening. No, that isn’t colored smoke. Its fire.

fantasia 041

The riders stopped directly in front of the tent at the end of the field. Sometimes they fired their guns, sometimes they didn’t.

fantasia 074

The tent was filled with male spectators. I bet they came early in the day to get the best seats.

fantasia 066


The riders had a chivalrous air. One even posed for me.

fantasia 094

Of course, I was interested in the tents set-up around the festival. They looked like portable hotel rooms. Each one was prepared for serving tea.

fantasia 009

Some tents had sofas inside, others had only pillows. This one has an ocean view.

I wish I knew more about the symbols that decorated the exteriors of the tent. Were they equvilants to male and female signs for bathrooms? Tribal markings? Mere ornament? I just don’t know. I found a website that offers Moroccan tents for sale (sorry folks, no longer online) or for partys and events. They site includes information about the symbolism of the interior colors (red=power, green=religion, gold=wealth), and notes that the exterior symbols in black are representative of minarets and symbolize freedom and happiness.


Do you know something more about the symbolism of Moroccan tents? If so, please share by leaving a comment.

For more photos of the fantasia, visit my flickr photostream.

6 Responses to “Fantasia”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    Very good pictures. I am from morocco and i enjoyed the pictures. Now i am in Brazil.
    I miss my country but, with your pictures i made a virtual trip to there.

  2. NINA Says:

    awsome photos..Im greek and always wanted to visit morocco!!!
    can you re-send the website for the tents>
    I wanted to purchase one but the website you posted does no go through

  3. Says:

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks for the positive feedback! Sorry to hear that website is no longer online. I just found it through searching the internet. I have no idea what happened to it. Good luck!


  4. Martin Says:

    Great photographs, just great. Spent 3 years in Morocco and loved it. Saw several Fantasias held in Meknes and loved them. Miss Morocco.

  5. Moha Says:

    greta job,i really like these pictures they’re wonderfull.
    i’m currently in meknes an the fantazia is on the go,people are enjoying such amazing horse show.

  6. karim Says:

    slt moi karim je suis cavalier j’ai 2 chevaux et voila mon skyblog

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