The Bag I Love

By Sarah

I just bought a bag made of fabric woven from silk and cotton with leather detailing. I bought it from the “purse guy” on Rue des Consuls in the medina Rabat. He has excellent quality bags. If you get to go to Rabat, stop by his shop. I don’t know how to describe the exact location, but you should be able to spot it by the steady flow of customers coming in and out.

I *love* my bag. Its big enough for a full laptop to fit inside without peaking out of the top. The straps are padded so they don’t dig into my shoulder. I added an eight-point star which I also bought in the Rabat medina.

There are lots of interesting bags being made from this type of fabric. I bought a jewelry box and wallet made from the same leather/fabric combination.

The purse guy speaks fluent English and sports a jellaba and beard. He can duplicate anything and is interested in seeing new designs. “Is that a Furla bag?” he asked on my last visit to his store as he inspected my beloved Toscanella tote bag.

If you get a chance to visit his shop, bring your dirhams and your designer bag. He’ll love seeing new designs and you’ll be able to shop from the shelf.

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  1. Giselle Says:

    I just happen to “bump” into your site…what a lovely surprise…I immediately recognize the location of the picture taken of your daughter. It is at the top of Rue des CONSULS across from THE OUDAIAS. I live not too far from you in Woodbridge, Va…Please keep up the good work promoting Morocco, it is such a beautiful country. I was born many moons ago when it was a French protectorate. I return “home” every year to spend a month in Rabat even though I no longer have family there. When people hear my accent they ask me where I am from, this what I proudly answer: I was born french, I am an american by circumstances and Moroccan by heart….Sincerely

  2. Kim Says:

    Thank you STUMBLE!!! I found your blog, and I’m in love! My husband is from Sefrou,near Fes. I am continually hungry for more of Morocco in our daily lives here in the States. I simply cannot wait for a return visit with family and friends there. How nice that your blog has filled some of that longing in me. Thank you!!!

  3. Says:

    Thank you for the comment. I am happy you are happy! Salam.

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