Moroccan Government Establishes Ministry of Handicrafts

By Sarah

The Moroccan government set-up a new minsterial department dedicated to marketing the Moroccan craft sector. The plan focuses on marketing Moroccan artisanal products to consumers in the United States, Russia, the Gulf States and wealthy Moroccans.

Noting that 10 million Moroccans are employed in the handicraft industry in Morocco, the Secretary of State for Handicrafts Anis Birou stated “…it’s a third of the population, which is a fundamental part of Moroccan life and society.”

“I want our marketing policy to give pride of place to our independent craftsmen, who aren’t able to make a profit from what they make every day. I want to give them the opportunity to go and see what is happening elsewhere and to attend international exhibitions, even if only as observers, so that they can find out about the competition,” Birou announced.

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  1. Gusti Anom Says:

    Great Idea, just try to promote the product or make a regularly trade fair.

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