Moroccan Mosaics from Indonesia

By Sarah



Gene Turangan was kind enough to send me some photos of his workshop in Indonesia. He makes Moroccan-style mosaic tables and vanities using his own technique.


His team uses monochromatic, unglazed floor tiles which cut into furmah, the traditional shapes. He uses fiber cement for outdoor tables or medium density fiber for indoor tables as the base.



This technique results in quicker production and a smoother, lighter table top as no cement or iron are required.


The fact his work doesn’t require iron edging means he can use other materials, such as the following designs which are trimmed with wood.





His inspiration? One book: “Arabesques” by Jean-Mark Castera; isbn 2-86770-124-4. Gene notes while Castera writes “Moroccan zillij craftsman have nothing to fear about sharing their technique.The materials,tools and tiles made elsewhere are impossible to cut.” He “was lucky to have created zillij mosaics 3 years before reading this book. My techniques are simple and don’t require any particular expertise. Geometric patterns are mathematics, either in Africa or anyplace in the world. The result should be the same.”

Unfortunately, his products are not yet available for sale online. Perhaps something we can look forward to in the future? His workshop is in Indonesia and he sells locally or through trade shows. For now, perhaps his work will inspire you to start a project all your own.

You can contact Gene via email at turangan at

7 Responses to “Moroccan Mosaics from Indonesia”

  1. david nahmias Says:

    Please contact me , i am looking to purchase morrocan tiles from indonesia.

    Thank You!


  2. Ronald Fernandez Says:

    I am keen on Zellige Morrocan Style Tiles for Malaysia. Pls contact me urgently. Tel: +6-012-681 2209

  3. Says:

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you. I don’t distribute or know any distributors of zellige tiles.

  4. gene turangan Says:

    Visual can justify!
    Internet finds,my zillij medalion 13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20–21-22 at
    Copy-paste my Indonesian Zillij for commercial use!

  5. TIM LOWTON Says:


    I need small number of blue and white morocan style table mosaic toble tops. ( 10 number )

    can you supply to the uk?


    Tim lowton

  6. indonesian from morocco Says:

    is it logical????
    david nahmias Says:
    Please contact me , i am looking to purchase morrocan tiles from indonesia.

    if it’s made in indonesia so it’s not morrocan???
    What do you think

  7. Fareed Says:

    Please contact me ASAP i need to purchase zellige from you

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