Moroccan Patterns for Web & Graphic Designers

By Sarah

I’ve recreated a few Moroccan tiling patterns. These designs are great for web and graphic designers or for anyone to use as desktop wallpaper. I kept the designs black and white. You can use an image-editing software to customizing the color scheme to suite your taste. They are free for download.


To save an image to your computer, right click on the image and select “save background image” from the menu that pops-up. You don’t have to give me credit, but I’d appreciate a link back if you can swing it.


I hope to update this section with more patterns. If there is a particular pattern or color scheme you’d like to see, leave a comment at the end of the page. Your feedback will inspire me.

Octagon Four Hands Pattern


I’m not sure of the name of the next pattern. It is created using a triangle grid. I call it water. If you know the proper name, please leave me a comment (see bottom of this page for comment form) so I can update. Thanks!

9 Responses to “Moroccan Patterns for Web & Graphic Designers”

  1. morocco property Says:

    Nice and complicated work. I love such artistic work. Thanks

  2. Erle Says:

    We love your site. Our Web site is just about finished, as you will see Ivan is very influenced by Moroccan design in his designs and expression.

    Please give us a few weeks to complete.
    We have bookmarked you.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Kind Regards,
    Erle and Ivan

  3. liz Says:

    i am building a room where i can belly dance i am going to tile my floor so i was looking for mosaics in morrocaan theme thank you

  4. sanjay chopra Says:

    Am researching morrocan patterns to design lanterns. Loved the black & white idea…will definitely use it & if it works will share feedback…

  5. Khadijah Chadly Says:

    I am using a mac and when I control-click I should be able to save the images but it won’t let me. Is there a solution for this?
    Thank you for your beautiful website.
    I use many Moroccan designs on my Moroccan husbands’ website.
    If you also like Moroccan music and Moroccan ceramics you might like to visit our site.

    With Salaamz,

  6. piczoom Says:

    @Khadijah Chadly ,the patterns are not full images but repeated, so if you want the images, you can get them from this link:

    i hope it’s ok to do so, if not, please notice me to delete the images from my online album.

  7. Lotia Says:

    Thanks for your help, I am putting together a fabric range, Moroccan patern is a great inspiration.

  8. gene turangan Says:

    Unknown?/pattern.Keith Critchlow(Islamic Patterns) said “a tonal version of Andalusian pattern)” and I recognize Alhambra Granada

  9. keri Says:

    hi there, great ideas! I’m looking for a large Moroccan trellis-type design as inspiration for creating a large stencil….put one on here and I’d love it!!! Thanks!

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