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By Sarah

I registered for the Morocco Business Forum, which is being held in Fes from May 8-10. Yesterday and had a brief chat with the forum founder over the phone. When I told her I was interested in artisan products, she said “I don’t know if you have heard of the Millennium Challenge Account. Basically, Morocco was awarded a sum of money to develop the artisan sector.” She also noted that representatives from the US embassy will discuss the US-Morocco free trade agreement and what it means for businesses and investors.

I asked about her motivation for founding the forum, which is in its second year. “It was partly for selfish reasons. A lot of our students graduated and had to leave Morocco to find work. We wanted to do something to help them be able to stay in their community.” She decided to hold the forum in Fes because “Fes is the cultural capital of Morocco.” She notes that the intent is to support Moroccan culture and afford new business opportunities.

When she lived in Fes, she and her family founded the Amicitia American school of Fes, which offers a tri-lingual education. The majority the students are Moroccan. Through a partnership with the University of Texas, students can receive an American diploma by passing a qualifying exam.

Last years event was a great success and she anticipates this year’s events will include 100-200 participants. The forum ends with an announcement of business plan winners selected from Moroccan business proposals. Information about the event is online at

Coverage of the 2008 Morocco Business Forum:

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