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Moroccan Mosaics – Anonymous Masterpieces

Water fountain in Fes, Morocco

Geometric patterns made by Moroccan zillij, mosaic materpieces, capture attention and mesmerize. For me, the facination with zillij is so overwhelming that it makes me love Moroccan artistic traditions. It also drives me to write and produce this blog. More

Sketching Fes

fes 185

Interesting blog post on Gurney’s Journey, a daily weblog for illustrators, et al. Includes photos of the artists sketches of Bab Boujeloud in Fes as well as YouTube video of Fes pedistrian life.

Gate into Fes.

Moroccan Contemporary Art


I’ve become a fan of contemporary Moroccan artists such as Mohamed Hamidi, born in Casablanca in 1941. You can see a few more of his paintings online at the Shashoua Gallery although my favorites aren’t featured there. A friend of mine had a book and the book had pictures of the paintings and the paintings aren’t online. Perhaps I will time to scan those pictures so I can share my favorites with you. I found a reading list online, but with the holidays coming I don’t think I will find the time or budget to buy or read any books. In the meantime, I will hunt for inspiration at the Gallery of Marseille and and whatever else I can find online.


Living Under the Crescent Moon

exhibit photo

The Vitra Design Museum explores diversity in Muslim societies through its exhibit Living Under the Crescent Moon
Domestic Cultures in the Arab World
. While many artists and architects draw inspiration from the Arab world, desingers have little information on daily life of Arab societies beyond the daily political reports. The exhibit will be on display from February 23, 2008 – August 31, 2008 and will explore the myths and realities of domestic life in Arab cultures.

Islam’s Contributions to Western Art

Masaccio Virgin Paiting, 1426

As I research the underlying archetypes and philosophies of Moroccan art and design, I’ve begun to suspect the West has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to Islamic achievements in art. Islam isn’t commonly credited with having Art, with a capital A. Rather, Islamic art is labeled as decoration or ornamentation. This is probably because 1) the Islamic empire established sophisticated art forms by the 11th century, several hundred years before the Renaissance, which gave European civilizations a political motivation to claim the influence as their own; and 2) Islamic artists don’t do paintings.

Universal Symbolism and Islam's Contributions to Art

Resources: Roots Moroccan of Geometric Art

“Homage to Pythagoras” by Marion Drennen

I have found myself neck deep in Pythagorean theory, which is interesting since Pythagoras didn’t write anything. I got here by researching the origins of zillij. I’m researching connections between astronomy, Pythagoras, Sufism, and Islamic ornamentation.


Islamic Art Online

Don’t have the time and money to travel to Fes? Don’t have access Islamic art at the local museum? Help has arrived. I’ve collected the following links to Islamic and Moroccan art so you can get your culture-fix without leaving the computer. How’s that for efficiency?

See the list of museums

International Artists Explore Decorative and Ornamental Imagery in Morocco


A ten day exchange and research project in Morocco focuses on exploring philosophical, cultural, and spiritual values of decorative and ornamental imagery. About fifteen international artists will collaborate with local artists, curators, writers and intellectuals in Morocco. The project, called ‘Code Ornemental,’ aims to challenge preconceptions about decorative art and crafts. The partner/coproducer of the project in Morocco is Abdellah Karroum (initiator of L’Appartement 22).

After the conclusion of the project in Morocco, the fifteen exchange artists will create one or several new pieces. Their works will be presented in a major group exhibition in the S.M.A.K. Subsequently this exhibition will travel to partner institutions abroad. Hopefully, the exhibit will make it to Washington, DC, as it sounds like a very exciting project and I would love a chance to see the results.

For more information, visit: The Curated Object.

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