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Zillij inspired jewlery design

In the above video, Paloma Picasso discusses her for zellige-inspired jewelry collection made for for Tiffany & Co. I’ve noticed lots of designers playing with Moroccan mosaic patterns as part of their jewelry collections.


The above piece is designed by Lee Angel ( and reminds me of some of my favorite tile work. I bought the one in the picture on sale at If this discount were deeper, I’d buy the red and white one too. I hope I love it when I meet it in person.

The Spider


“This pattern is called ‘The Spider’” our guide said excitedly while gesturing towards a zillige-covered wall. “The Prophet Mohammad was hiding in a cave from his enemies when a spider came and built a web over the entrance. His enemies believed he couldn’t be in the cave because the web was unbroken. This is why it is haram (forbidden) to kill spiders and why this pattern is called named after the spider.”

The Story of the Spider

Moroccan Mosaics from Indonesia



Gene Turangan was kind enough to send me some photos of his workshop in Indonesia. He makes Moroccan-style mosaic tables and vanities using his own technique. More

Moroccan Mosaics: The Art of Zillij

fountain in fes

Once you see a Moroccan zillij masterpiece, you can spot the style anywhere. It is an art form that has been practiced for a thousand years. It is a unique specialization of Morocco and continues to thrive in Moroccan society within a contemporary creative framework.


Ceramics Factory in Fes


And God fashioned man out of clay, like pottery…

I had a chance to observe artisans creating pottery and mosaics at a ceramics factory in Fes. You can see products and request estimates through the factory’s website at The site also has information on the production process. If you click on the photo above, you can view my flickr photostream, which has more photos of the factory.

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